Make your site a masterpiece with our website wireframe template

Whether you’re rejiggering your old website or starting from a blank canvas, FigJam’s collaborative wireframe template lets you sketch out UX mockups—in full color.

simple website wireframesimple website wireframe

Website wireframe template

Get your designers, marketers, and developers on the same (web)page with our customizable website wireframe examples.

Put your (brand) face on

Judging a brand by its homepage? Unavoidable. Give your site some shine when you align design elements, messaging, and user experience.

Paint by the pixel: Bypass the blah, hatch mint-new concepts, and stay inspired with a website layout that sets you apart from the get-go.

Draw engagement: Keep your users dialed in with pages and pathways that let you play out each step of their journey.

Create with your colleagues: Give everyone a paintbrush to become a designer but keep your process sleek with a shared whiteboard that lets your team get messy—and cleans up nicely.

elements to use within a website wireframeelements to use within a website wireframe
placeholder boxes that are color codedplaceholder boxes that are color coded

A work of art, when you play together

FigJam keeps your strategy front and center and gives you the website wireframe tools and ui elements to make the drawing board feel more like a playground. Drag-and-drop web elements, tinker alongside team members, flow in existing designs from Figma, and chart your user’s footprints.


A website design wireframe is a tool that designers and creatives can use to create a website prototype and map their users’ experience. Wireframes are where you can create a user flow diagram template to organize visual elements, page layouts, and corridors between pages to get a bird’s eye view of your users’ journey before you go live.

As you begin the design process, start by establishing the goal of your website. Why is your customer here? What are you here to deliver? Build with your answers in mind, adding value and dimension to engage your user.

If you get stuck on a page (or inspired by another) plop in a placeholder to hold the line for when you’re ready to come back. On FigJam’s website wireframe builder, you can use widgets to keep up with your workflow and stay on track without losing sight of your vision.

It depends on the page that’s being built. But website wireframing for websites starts at the top with the header and main navigation bar. From there, you’ll generally find a hero section where you can showcase your best work and introduce additional pages to keep your brand story going strong.

Ultimately, effective wireframes resemble live websites as much as possible.

Why use wireframe in website development? Wireframes are a website template that provide a helpful framework for understanding user journeys before they begin. They also illuminate the connections between product, messaging, design, and brand voice for your whole team. A little more empathy between back-end engineers and green copywriters? Never a bad thing.

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