Chart your course with confidence using our team charter template

With FigJam’s free meeting templates, you can create a masterplan for your project that illuminates every team member’s contributions and inspires communication.

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Team charter example

Solidify your mission, organize tasks, and invite unexpected collaborations on our project team charter template.

Set sail with a trusty team charter sample

Map out your quest, share your compass, and steer your project in the right direction with team roles and goals made clear.

Clarify responsibility: Eliminate confusion or extra work by clearly identifying expectations from individual roles.

Stay focused: Spell out milestones, goals, and the overall mission of your project guided by our example of a team charter.

Work mutiny-free: Strengthen relationships and inspire across-the-divider collaborations as you work toward a shared project goal.

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Unite your crew and reap rewards

With free collaboration tools, it’s easy to remind coworkers of their impressive contributions, instill confidence, and arrive at clear project objectives. Strengthen relationships while you get your project into ship shape by engaging your crew with interactive widgets like Lil notes, votes, and emotes. Teamwork, ahoy!


Simply put, a team charter is a document that communicates how a project relates to a team—its purpose, its objectives, and how it will be accomplished. Team charters can be used across industries and teams to gain insight into shared missions, responsibilities, and resources. By laying out all of the moving parts of a project on an orderly, categorized master sheet, team charters make work more efficient and transparent for all.

Every sample team charter begins with basic project facts. Before creating the actual document, you’ll want to enlist your team to help identify important sections to include. By developing a collective plan of what goes into your charter, you’ll make sure not to miss any moving pieces. Plus you’ll get a chance to notice any areas where coworkers have specific questions.

Once you’re ready to make your charter, start off with FigJam’s simple template and plug-in information as you go.

Your team charter should contain everything a curious team member might need to know, from a rundown of financial resources to a refresher on who’s in charge of what.

But if you’re wondering how to develop a team charter or what specifically to include, begin at the top, noting your project title, team lead, team name, and project due date.

Then, expand on the goal and the role of your team. In the best example of team charter, project objectives are clearly spelled out, as well as team roles. You should also highlight the scope of work, financial budgeting, and team operations

To complete your team charter, you’ll want to set project milestones and activities (like an ice cream party when you finish a certain task).

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