Strategic planning templates

Get a jumpstart on your next strategic planning sessions with these free templates. Share them with your team for easy collaboration anytime, anywhere.

Figma strategic planning templatesFigma strategic planning templates
Competitor analysis template

Retain your competitive edge with this free competitor analysis template.

Strategy diamond template

Cover your bases with this comprehensive strategic model.

Product launch planning template

Craft a clear and polished product launch announcement using our guiding template.

QBR template

Review progress and plan goals by copying our quarterly review template.

Project proposal template

Iron out every detail of your digital project proposal.

Vision mission strategy pyramid template

Get teams aligned on a mission, vision, and strategy for business success.

Executive summary template

Use your summarizing skills to create a high-level project overview.

Pugh matrix template

Evaluate top solutions side by side in the planning stage.

Customer journey map template

Sketch out your UX and discover new channels for reaching great customers.

Brand guidelines template

Build out a source of truth to guide your brand's existence from A to Z.

X matrix planning template

Strategize to plan out goals and priorities with this essential diagram.

Future headlines planning template

Unpack your goals and daydream up headlines with this strategic chart.

T chart template

Compare and contrast core points to use in your next discussion or essay.

Gap analysis chart template

Make sure your plans and strategies are solid with a gap analysis diagram.

Product requirements document template

Log data, deliverables, and dependencies in a project requirements doc.

PEST diagram template

Visualize big-picture plans and analyze your market with a PEST diagram.

Logical data model template

Dig into your data's finer details with a logical model diagram in FigJam.

Fibonacci scale team template

Delegate important team responsibilities with a colorful Fibonacci scale.

Ecomap example template

Evaluate connections and relationships with an ecomap diagram in FigJam.

Action plan template

Map out milestones and project priorities with our action plan template.

A3 template

Find grade-A solutions to any size problem with this collaborative doc.

Work plan template

Focus on the future and craft a gameplan to drive your team's work forward.

SWOT analysis template

Evaluate your company as related to potential opportunities and challenges.

Business model canvas template

Document and develop business models with this canvas diagram for FigJam.

Product development roadmap template

Go from project proposal to purchase ready in no time.

Assumption mapping template

Don't just assume—assess and address with this guided matrix.

5 whys brainstorming template

Figure out the root cause of any problem with a simple "5 whys" template.

Agile quarterly planning template

Establish a solid roadmap for the upcoming quarter.

Competency matrix template

Dig deeper into each team member's skills and specialties.

Cost benefit analysis template

Analyze the value and investment at every level of problem-solving.

Ecocycle planning template

Find inspiration in the natural world.

Elevator pitch template

Impress everyone with your business ideas delivered in a concise format.

Essay planning template

Create great content with a planning template for essays, blogs, and more.

IDIC model template

Boost the power of your CRM with a sales and customer-focused IDIC model.

Hero's journey planning template

Chart a course through challenges in search of the ultimate reward.

Kotters 8 step change model template

Take decisive action in just 8 steps with this diagram for the whole team.

Pairwise comparison analysis template

Methodically compare potential action steps.

Porter's 5 forces template

Combine an understanding of user needs with other market forces.

REAN model template

Reach, engage, activate, and nurture your users like never before.

Staffing plan template

Build the team that will bring your vision to life.

SOAR analysis template

Celebrate strengths, uncover opportunities, reach for aspirations, and deliver results.

PERT chart template

Review project tasks, plan milestones, and build a timeline all in one.

3x3 template

Use the McKinsey methodology to balance effort and impact when planning.

Ansoff matrix template

Find new growth strategies by combining new and existing markets and products.

Backward planning template

Picture your ideal future—and then plan backwards to reach it.

Fit gap analysis template

Locate gaps in your business's functionality for overall improvement.

FMEA analysis template

Develop a digital situation room to give your team control over its work.

Marketing mix template

Make sure your next launch hits all the right marketing targets.

Go to market strategy template

Break down every element of your launch strategy.

Pre-mortem planning template

Assess the viability of your ideas before you start work with a premortem.

Plot structure diagram

Prep a perfect pitch or write a great novel with a versatile diagram.

Project kickoff meeting template

Start your project on the right foot and cover all important topics.

Lean startup canvas template

Get buy-in on biz ideas with a startup canvas that makes everything clear.

Workflow template

Create a clear and defined process for your group's most complex tasks.

Feature planning template

Create a clear process for your next feature design after weighing the costs and benefits.

Vroom yetton model template

Rev up your team and project decision-making with the Vroom Yetton model.

Target audience planning template

Identify your main consumers for an infallible business strategy.

Territory map template

Get familiar with your sales territory using this interactive template.

BCG matrix strategy template

Try a top consulting firm's process on for size when your team strategizes.

Value chain analysis template

Find the value in every link of your product chain.

Story mapping template

Design a compelling narrative for any use case, simply and step by step.

Account planning template

Get your team, customers, and other stakeholders aligned and excited.

Value stream map template

Eliminate waste and improve output with an organized value stream map.

PI planning template

Coordinate multiple teams' project efforts with a comprehensive PI plan.

ADKAR change model template

Easily implement change across an organization.

Brand personality framework template

Take your organization's identity from drab to fab.

Technical roadmap template

Plot your course in exact detail.

Quick reference guide template

Create an org-wide cheat sheet.

Quarterly planning templates

Make planning more inclusive, productive and fun

ROI analysis template

Improve your ROI by planning the resources & benefits of each investment.

Pyramid template

Rearrange ideas and relationships to create a helpful hierarchy.

MoSCoW method template

Don't wonder what should or could happen; figure it out using a matrix.

Balanced scorecard example

Get value out of your past experiences with a balanced scorecard diagram.

Work breakdown structure template

Get a birds' eye view of roles and responsibilities with a work breakdown.

Bronfenbrenner diagram

Build ecological models and evaluate the impact of systems on subjects.

Sales funnel template

Figure out how to turn strangers into loyal customers for your company.

Problem statement template

Develop results for any roadblock with this problem statement diagram.

Gantt chart maker template

Visualize your project plan and team tasks with a colorful Gantt chart.

Flow chart template

Organize details in a way that makes sense with this flow chart diagram.

RACI matrix template

Assign key responsibilities in building your next feature to team members.

Strategic planning template

Develop a path for growth with the help of this strategic plan template.

Lean canvas template

Break down your business model and streamline operations with a lean canvas.

OKR planning template

Hammer out the objectives and key results for your upcoming undertaking.

KPI dashboard template

Make your team's KPI planning actionable and accountable with a shared doc.

Risk matrix template

Eye risk from every possible angle.

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