Research and design templates

Keep your design ideas, UX research, wireframes and QA notes all in one place with FigJam templates that work alongside your Figma tiles.

Figma research and design templatesFigma research and design templates
Use case mapping template

Connect the dots between user personas and UX with this use case template.

Affinity diagram template

Give structure to your initial ideation with a simple affinity diagram.

User interview template

Keep track of user interview data with this shareable template in FigJam.

Facilitation guide template

Keep every meeting on track with the help of this ready-to-use guide.

Infographic template

Give your data a fresh new look with colorful, shareable infographics.

Value proposition canvas template

Make customers want to buy what you're selling by nailing your value prop.

Product development canvas

Plan personas, strategy, and product details in a collaborative space.

Likert scale template

Run efficient research sessions with your team.

Alignment chart template

Turn chaotic evil into lawful good with this alignment chart for teams.

Stakeholder analysis template

Identify and prioritize your key stakeholders (so everyone's satisfied).

Ecomap example template

Evaluate connections and relationships with an ecomap diagram in FigJam.

Competitor analysis template

Retain your competitive edge with this free competitor analysis template.

Growth experiment template

Put your growth strategy to the test.

Card sorting template

Give your website architecture a renovation with this template for upgrades.

Compare and contrast chart template

Jot down similarities and differences between multiple strategies.

Consumer trend canvas model

Expand on your context map with a comprehensive look towards shifting trends.

Context diagram system template

Take a broader look at systems and processes with this context diagram.

Kano model template

Decide on your next feature by weighing satisfaction and functionality.

Mental modelling template

Use feedback to move forward and meet customer needs quickly.

Pain point template

Turn consumer pains into progress with a matrix the whole team can use.

Porter's 5 forces template

Combine an understanding of user needs with other market forces.

Prototyping example template

Use this prototyping diagram to visualize user + product interactions.

SCAMPER example template

Scamper toward success with this collaborative planning template for teams.

Thumbnail sketch examples

Quickly brainstorm with images to unlock new levels of creativity.

HEART framework template

Uncover the treasure that lies at your organization's core.

Creative brief template

Shape the creative vision of your next collaboration after you've secured the project.

Poster concept template

Bring logos and product design to the forefront using this interactive template.

Feature market template

Take a competitive edge by finding your market fit.

Design brief template

Describe your visual ideas in written form.

Project scope planning template

Take a holistic look at any project or plan.

FMEA analysis template

Develop a digital situation room to give your team control over its work.

Heuristic evaluation template

Develop solutions through discovery and guided evaluation.

Newsletter template

Keep your stakeholders and project-management leads up to date with style.

Perceptual map

Get a better grasp of how your brand fits in a market with perceptual maps.

Drawing template

Brainstorm with freeform drawings to spark creativity and collaboration.

Feedback grid template

Incorporate real comments and concerns into your problem-solving process.

Emotional check-in template

Boost self-awareness and compassion for a happier workplace.

Voice of the customer template

Turn customer comments into actionable steps, insights, and new goals.

iPhone wireframe template

Brainstorm, build, and review your next iOS app designs all in one place.

Empathy map template

Keep track of user behavior and attitudes with an empathy map diagram.

User persona template

Gain a new understanding of your target audience's needs and attributes.

Value stream map template

Eliminate waste and improve output with an organized value stream map.

Research plan example

Generate logical, useful research queries for your users.

Product development roadmap template

Plan personas, strategy, and product details in a collaborative space.

Balanced scorecard example

Get value out of your past experiences with a balanced scorecard diagram.

Mood board template

Turn your visions into collaborative documents with a mood board in FigJam.

Context map canvas

Visualize outside forces that influence your project with this handy map.

Jobs to be done template

Nail down the right next step.

Creative idea generator

Spark newfound creativity with a random word generator.

Four actions framework template

Build your strategy in logical steps that make sense for the whole team.

Problem statement template

Develop results for any roadblock with this problem statement diagram.

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