Templates for Product Managers

Run team meetings, keep track of projects, and have some fun with these free templates created just for project managers.

Figma product management templatesFigma product management templates
Project proposal template

Iron out every detail of your digital project proposal.

OKR planning template

Hammer out the objectives and key results for your upcoming undertaking.

Brainstorming template

Discover your greatest ideas yet in a collaborative brainstorming session.

Quarterly planning templates

Make planning more inclusive, productive and fun

Work plan template

Focus on the future and craft a gameplan to drive your team's work forward.

Scrum board meeting template

Use a customizable scrum board to visualize moving parts of a project.

Cross functional flowchart template

Create a start-to-finish visual that keeps the right people looped in.

Brand personality framework template

Take your organization's identity from drab to fab.

Project charter template

Describe all of your group's pending project plans in hi-definition detail.

Executive summary template

Use your summarizing skills to create a high-level project overview.

Vertical timeline template

Discover top to bottom productivity.

Cynefin framework template

Turn chaos into control with a helpful cynefin framework diagram for teams.

Product development canvas

Plan personas, strategy, and product details in a collaborative space.

Brand guidelines template

Build out a source of truth to guide your brand's existence from A to Z.

Crazy eight template

Generate breakout session ideas with a brainstorming blitz.

What, so what, now what reflection

Dig deeper into results with a colorful "what, so what, now what" template.

Eisenhower matrix template

Organize your priorities and tasks with a clear, simple Eisenhower Matrix.

Alignment chart template

Turn chaotic evil into lawful good with this alignment chart for teams.

Stakeholder analysis template

Identify and prioritize your key stakeholders (so everyone's satisfied).

After action review template

Compare plans vs. results—and move your team's work forward with purpose.

Product requirements document template

Log data, deliverables, and dependencies in a project requirements doc.

QBR template

Review progress and plan goals by copying our quarterly review template.

DevOps roadmap template

Get ready for your next project sprint with a roadmap for DevOps pros.

Kanban board template

Organize and prioritize anything with the help of a simple Kanban board.

Daily standup template

Review priorities, address blockers, and clear backlogs with a daily sync.

Fibonacci scale team template

Delegate important team responsibilities with a colorful Fibonacci scale.

Action plan template

Map out milestones and project priorities with our action plan template.

Process map template

Break complex projects into actionable steps with a process map template.

Bulletin board template

Put a pin in great ideas or run ongoing brainstorms with a digital board.

Product development roadmap template

Go from project proposal to purchase ready in no time.

Swimlanes diagram template

Enable everyone on a team to find their lane & stay the course for success.

Influence diagram template

Switch gears from argument-crafting to decision-making.

5 whys brainstorming template

Figure out the root cause of any problem with a simple "5 whys" template.

Agile quarterly planning template

Establish a solid roadmap for the upcoming quarter.

Competency matrix template

Dig deeper into each team member's skills and specialties.

DMAIC roadmapping template

Figure out solutions to your problems with the Six Sigma DMAIC approach.

Dependency diagram template

Build your most efficient workflow yet with a simple dependency diagram.

Ecocycle planning template

Find inspiration in the natural world.

Event storming workshop template

Turn complex sequences into easy-to-understand steps for great performance.

Fishbowl discussion template

Make sure everyone's ideas are heard with an organized discussion chart.

Kano model template

Decide on your next feature by weighing satisfaction and functionality.

Meet the team template

Introduce your whole team all at once with a fun get-to-know you template.

Meeting notes template

Get the most value out of any meeting with this shareable notes template.

Organization chart template

Map out every role and plan for new hires with this org chart template.

Outcome mapping template

Visualize the potential paths you might take to your end goal.

RAID log template

Manage all project risks, actions, issues, and dependencies in a RAID log.

Reflection for meetings template

Set the stage for introspection and collaboration.

SMART goal planning template

Easily plan out SMART goals for personal projects and team endeavors alike.

SOAR analysis template

Celebrate strengths, uncover opportunities, reach for aspirations, and deliver results.

Start stop continue excercise

Decide to progress or pause operations with start, stop, continue diagrams.

Sticky notes template

Share ideas freely when you brainstorm together.

Team canvas template

Align your team and build camaraderie with our interactive template.

Team expectation planning template

Get everyone's head in the game with this alignment template for teams.

PERT chart template

Review project tasks, plan milestones, and build a timeline all in one.

Burndown chart template

Light up your team's progress with a clear, collaborative burndown chart.

2 truths and a lie template

Get to know your teammates on a more personal level.

Slide presentation template

Pitch your service to customers with a visually captivating slide deck.

Project scope planning template

Take a holistic look at any project or plan.

Go to market strategy template

Break down every element of your launch strategy.

Johari window template

See problems in a new light, and gain clarity on next steps.

Pre-mortem planning template

Assess the viability of your ideas before you start work with a premortem.

Plus delta template

Plot out pluses and minuses to get a big-picture overview of progress.

Project kickoff meeting template

Start your project on the right foot and cover all important topics.

RICE prioritization template

Measure any idea's reach, impact, confidence, and effort.

Round-robin brainstorming template

Get a great mix of ideas flowing with this round-robin template for teams.

Stakeholder onion diagram template

Keep track of important stakeholders and ensure everyone stays in the loop.

Workflow template

Create a clear and defined process for your group's most complex tasks.

Feature planning template

Create a clear process for your next feature design after weighing the costs and benefits.

Plan do check act template

Accelerate change and boost performance with this PDCA template for FigJam.

Sprint review template

Break down wins and roadblocks in your last sprint to prep for the next.

Emotional check-in template

Boost self-awareness and compassion for a happier workplace.

Product backlog planning template

Stay on schedule and on top of priorities with this collaborative chart.

Value chain analysis template

Find the value in every link of your product chain.

Project status report template

Deliver consistent, informed status reports every time.

Goal tracking template

Come up with the objectives to crush the next quarter.

Sprint planning template

Prepare for another work sprint with confidence and a visual plan.

1:1 meeting template

Support your team's growth with this guided one-on-one meeting template.

PI planning template

Coordinate multiple teams' project efforts with a comprehensive PI plan.

Agile roadmap template

Keep your Agile teams moving in sync with a customizable roadmap template.

Project organization chart template

Play to the strengths of your project team when you split responsibilities accordingly.

Technical roadmap template

Plot your course in exact detail.

Team agreement template

Come up with a game plan and expectations the whole team can get behind.

Milestone chart template

Get everyone on the right track with actionable, achievable milestones.

Tangram icebreaker

Break the ice by making recognizable shapes in a quiuck round of tangrams.

Rose bud thorn template

Figure out the thorny parts of any idea and watch success blossom.

Kaizen template

Make continual, efficient improvements following this process from Japan.

Breakout session template

Discuss concepts in small groups before sharing with the entire class or team.

This or that template

Identify your values with a trendy format popular on social media.

Simple project plan template

Flesh out the project's roadmap, now that you have your team lined up.

Lotus diagram template

Brainstorm effectively and keep ideas organized with simple lotus diagrams.

Product development roadmap template

Plan personas, strategy, and product details in a collaborative space.

Communications plan template

Sync up your socials with the rest of your brand comms using this template.

Team charter template

Create a system you can all agree on.

MoSCoW method template

Don't wonder what should or could happen; figure it out using a matrix.

Decision tree template

Evaluate your team's best course of action with a decision tree template.

Work breakdown structure template

Get a birds' eye view of roles and responsibilities with a work breakdown.

Affinity diagram template

Give structure to your initial ideation with a simple affinity diagram.

Roles and responsibilities template

Delegate tasks to the group depending on each individual's skillset.

Impact effort matrix

Get aligned with your team on what tasks have the most effort and impact.

Bull's eye diagram template

Organize project priorities with a colorful bullseye diagram for FigJam.

Jobs to be done template

Nail down the right next step.

To do list template

Create to do lists and assign tasks all in one place with this template.

Project retrospective template

Reflect on your completed project to perfect your next project's outcome.

Gantt chart maker template

Visualize your project plan and team tasks with a colorful Gantt chart.

Reverse brainstorming template

Take an innovative approach to problem-solving and glean powerful solutions.

RACI matrix template

Assign key responsibilities in building your next feature to team members.

Jeopardy icebreaker template

Bring your team together for a friendly trivia game with quiz-show flair.

KPI dashboard template

Make your team's KPI planning actionable and accountable with a shared doc.

Risk matrix template

Eye risk from every possible angle.

Product launch planning template

Craft a clear and polished product launch announcement using our guiding template.

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