Templates for Operations

Use this collection of free templates to create seamless operations for your people in your org, or partners outside of it.

Figma operations templatesFigma operations templates
Staffing plan template

Build the team that will bring your vision to life.

Account planning template

Get your team, customers, and other stakeholders aligned and excited.

Professional development feedback template

Inspire change on an individual level and help your team members grow.

Weekly schedule planning template

Build your ideal schedule or block time easily.

Time blocking calendar template

Plan your day for max productivity with the simple time blocking method.

Change control process template

Embrace change and plan your new actions clearly in a collaborative space.

Timeline template

Get your team aligned on vision and process with a collaborataive timeline.

Hiring process flowchart template

Keep candidates organized with this Kanban-inspired hiring process chart.

DevOps roadmap template

Get ready for your next project sprint with a roadmap for DevOps pros.

Logical data model template

Dig into your data's finer details with a logical model diagram in FigJam.

Kanban board template

Organize and prioritize anything with the help of a simple Kanban board.

Product development roadmap template

Go from project proposal to purchase ready in no time.

Event planning template

Throw the perfect party for your next product promotion, launch, or fête.

Brace map template

Break big ideas down into components and relationships that make sense.

Budget planning template

Account for all the dollars and cents.

Career progression chart

Visualize your path to the top and make room for your personal goals.

Compare and contrast chart template

Jot down similarities and differences between multiple strategies.

Context diagram system template

Take a broader look at systems and processes with this context diagram.

Heat map template

Get a feel for team ideas that are on fire with this colorful template.

Kirkpatrick model

Move from reactions to results in a colorful, organized pyramid diagram.

Meet the team template

Introduce your whole team all at once with a fun get-to-know you template.

RAID log template

Manage all project risks, actions, issues, and dependencies in a RAID log.

Service blueprint template

Map out customer and team interactions with a service blueprint diagram.

Sentence generator template

Make sentences clear with a colorful diagram for students and teachers.

SIPOC diagram

Outline every process from start to finish.

9 box talent matrix template

Find metrics and projects matching the skillsets of your team.

Team contract template

Get your team on the same (digital) page with a straightforward contract.

Writing template

Write anything well by planning and organizing your best ideas in advance.

Gantt chart template

Plan schedules and projects efficiently.

Peer review template

Get input from your team and improve alignment with this review template.

3x3 template

Use the McKinsey methodology to balance effort and impact when planning.

Spaghetti diagram template

Turn a pile of twisty connections into clarity with a spaghetti diagram.

Culture design process template

Share the company culture with new trainees and transfers.

Facilitation guide template

Keep every meeting on track with the help of this ready-to-use guide.

FMEA analysis template

Develop a digital situation room to give your team control over its work.

Heuristic evaluation template

Develop solutions through discovery and guided evaluation.

What's on your radar template

Strategize seamlessly and make your mark with the help of a radar chart.

Workflow template

Create a clear and defined process for your group's most complex tasks.

Feedback grid template

Incorporate real comments and concerns into your problem-solving process.

Voice of the customer template

Turn customer comments into actionable steps, insights, and new goals.

Project status report template

Deliver consistent, informed status reports every time.

User interview template

Keep track of user interview data with this shareable template in FigJam.

Storyboard writing template

Build strong customer relationships with a compelling, unique brand story.

Technical roadmap template

Plot your course in exact detail.

Journaling template

Provide meeting attendees with a structured journal for their thoughts.

Pie chart maker

View which parts make up the biggest piece of the pie.

Bang for buck template

Turn your pros and cons list into a graph to compare strategies at a glance.

Service level agreement template

Build strong customer foundations with a super-clear (and shareable!) SLA.

Research plan example

Generate logical, useful research queries for your users.

Bar graph maker

Visualize and share key statistics with ease.

Value proposition canvas template

Make customers want to buy what you're selling by nailing your value prop.

Sandwich chart template

Cook up great content with this diagram for business and creative writing.

Argument mapping template

Win your next debate with colorful, collaborative advance planning.

Sales funnel template

Figure out how to turn strangers into loyal customers for your company.

RACI matrix template

Assign key responsibilities in building your next feature to team members.

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