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Newsletter examples

Editorial, design, operations—bring all the departments together with our interactive newsletter tool.

Good news(letters) for people who like good news(letters)

Our customizable newsletter design template helps you consistently create great content to engage your readers, new and old.

Stay connected: Foster connections with your community through regular communication

Strategize your communications: Expand your outreach, assert your authority, and customize your content to build engagement with existing and potential customers.

Build trust: Establish a consistent, credible channel for your content marketing strategy.

colorful newsletter with an overlayed laughing emojicolorful newsletter with an overlayed laughing emoji
three newsletters with fake writing overlayed on topthree newsletters with fake writing overlayed on top

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Whether you’re writing days in advance or at the eleventh hour, create a beautiful newsletter design together with Community-built plug-ins and features. Share can’t-miss updates with Lil News, nail the vibe with Giphy Stickers, and fold in logos and designs from Figma. Pass the time and the info with FigJam templates.

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A newsletter is a document where you can share important information about your activities and projects with followers, friends, team members, and neighbors. Individuals and organizations use newsletters to deliver updates efficiently and easily—right to their subscribers' inboxes.

Begin by asking yourself, “what is the purpose of a newsletter?” Or perhaps, “what is the purpose of my newsletter?” Do you want to build a community? Test new messaging? Provide a special offer? Share information about an upcoming event? Figuring out your intent can help you plan the aesthetic and content of your daily, or weekly newsletter.

No matter what answers you arrive at, your newsletter should be digestible and easy to follow. Consider how to design a newsletter that lends to skimming, incorporating bullet points, clear-cut section breaks, and captivating images. You also might dream up some standby sections that repeat with each installation to build a sense of cohesion and consistency.

From there, it’s up to you. Fill out your newsletter template with relevant, timely information, source quotes and contributions from trusted collaborators, and publish consistently. You’ll be on track for the Pulitzer in no time.

If you’re wondering what makes great newsletter content or how to grab your readers' attention, consider what you like to read.

Generally speaking, a mix of visuals and text can captivate a reader’s attention. Consistency can work wonders, too, so make sure you use the same format with each newsletter. If you’re drafting on behalf of your org, start from a company newsletter template to keep the design professional.

When it comes to newsletter content, it’s essential to know your subscribers deeply and write to their interests. If your subscribers are looking for a community, an effective example of newsletter content would be a large section dedicated to weekly social events. Company newsletter examples may cover things like:

- Products and services marketing

- Website, blog, and social media links

- New feature updates, upcoming event invites, and videos

Ready to write your own newsletter? Get started with our newsletter example. The best news? It’s free, collaborative, and easily customizable.

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