Refashion your vision with a mood board template

Whether you’re in the first stages of designing a project or adding the finishing touches to your team’s creative project, FigJam’s digital mood board templates can help you manifest success at every stage.

large rectangle with multiple small rectangles insidelarge rectangle with multiple small rectangles inside

Collaborate with a digital Mood Board template

Share your creative ideas and vision with the entire team on this interactive mood board template.

Let them see inside your head

Show clients exactly what your creative project entails or collaborate with team members to make sure your visions mesh.

Bring definition to your vision: Demonstrate your aesthetic goals for a project on mood board templates complete with images, color palette, notes, and emotes.

Develop a personal style: Fully flesh out your design ideas on a clean, customizable canvas before sharing them with the team.

Coordinate and collaborate:  Bring in designers, developers, marketers, and copywriters to make sure every aspect of your branding gels.

mood board graphic with FigJams collaborative toolsmood board graphic with FigJams collaborative tools
example of three mood boards with team feedbackexample of three mood boards with team feedback

Set the mood for your meetings

Share your vision with your team on a collaborative mood board. Invite input and feedback from your whole team with FigJam’s community-built tools and widgets to ensure that your messaging, product, and design elements all hit the right note.

Not just a mood—an entire vibe

Put teamwork on your mood board with FigJam’s examples of mood boards. Once everyone agrees on the visual direction, explore design templates from the Community to take your project to the next phase.


A mood board is a physical or digital collage of ideas often seen in industries that range from branding to interior design. But what is the purpose of a mood board, exactly?

By crafting a mood board, you can clarify your vision before you begin the project—saving money and headaches down the line by making sure that your team is aligned. You can also reference your mood board throughout your project as a means to stay connected to the established branding, objectives, and budget.

What you include on your mood board depends on your vision and the project at hand. That said, you might turn to some commonly used items found on effective mood boards, such as any color swatch, layout, image, and any textures or patterns you’re interested in incorporating. As a designer, a digital mood board is a great way to convey visual ideas to team members and receive feedback. Since our mood board template is easily accessible online, collaborators can chime in on every part of the design process, whether that be choosing the font to the imagery. Refreshing a website or launching a rebrand? Include words that relate to your message, sample fonts that draw your eye, and any visual elements that spark inspiration.

The first step in making a mood board is deciding on a theme. Collaborate with your team to nail down brand voice, color scheme, budget, and target audience.

With a better sense of direction, you can begin collecting materials for inspiration. Once you have the materials ready to go, begin assembling them on your board. Ready to collaborate on your collage? Download FigJam’s customizable mood board examples and bring your vision to the board.

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