Branch out and explore new ideas with our decision tree template

Investigate multiple options at critical decision-making points to find choices strongly rooted in your team’s mission, starting with FigJam templates.

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Decision tree template

Invite the whole team to identify promising pathways in your decision making process with this interactive decision-making tree example.

Nurture your team’s growth

Our decision tree diagram template makes it easy to weigh your options and choose the best one so you can sit back and watch your project flourish.

Consider all possibilities: Sketch out all potential paths from beginning to end to uncover exciting opportunities.

Prioritize among choices: Simplify your decision-making by assigning importance to various outcomes and ranking possible paths.

Pave the way for complex choices: Easily map out new branches that showcase a flow to a potential outcome on our versatile tree tool, so you can incorporate options that spring up over time.

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Get to the root of the problem

Uncover business insights and wrap your head around your options and likely outcomes when you involve the whole team. With our open canvases, chat and commenting options, and teams functionality, it’s easy to identify every possible path so your group can follow the best one.

Ground yourself in solid decisions

Choose the best option among many with our decision-making tree template. Connect each decision to the forest at large with more templates from our Community.


A decision tree is a powerful analysis tool that lays out all the possible outcomes of a critical or difficult decision. It helps you lay out your options, reflecting on potential costs and benefits so you can make an informed, better decision.

These diagrams use a mixture of arrows and boxes to show the flow of causality from issue to outcome. They are often arranged vertically with each connected line representing one path out of many.

Start by downloading our decision tree tool, then identify a problem or decision to be made and add it across the top of our customizable outline. Collectively define the possible outcomes or options, evaluating the pros and cons of each. Work together to map out the possible paths for reaching each outcome. Once your team has a clear picture of the advantages and disadvantages of each choice, you can more easily decide on a path to pursue.

The beauty of how a decision tree maker works is that they can easily expand to incorporate unexpected opportunities or ideas. A decision tree sample can also grow with your company. As your options increase, your decision tree example can also branch out to accommodate more people and possibilities.

Decision trees are versatile diagrams that can be used in a wide variety of situations, including business, academic, personal, and other contexts. Anytime you have a decision to make, you can map it onto a tree for a visual understanding of the problem you’re facing.

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