Distill your identity with this branding workshop template

Whether you need brand workshop exercises, brand guidelines, or a brand personality, FigJam’s templates help you clarify your vision—and attain the recognition you deserve.

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Branding workshop template

Involve every decision-maker in building your business identity with this shared brand workshop template.

Turn your brand sprint into a brand marathon

Develop a comprehensive, long-haul brand strategy that will guide you and your team for years to come.

Tell your story: Explore your brand’s values, mission statement, target audiences, and raison d’être.

Settle on specifics: Sift through all sorts of ideas to land on a complete brand profile that satisfies everyone.

Dive deeper: Ponder branding questions you would have never even considered before—and arrive at satisfactory answers.

sections of a branding workshop diagramsections of a branding workshop diagram
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What’s a brand workshop without tools?

FigJam’s branding workshop template comes loaded with widgets and whatsits to facilitate your brand strategy sprint. Begin by inviting all your partners into an infinitely large canvas, then share ideas through Lil’ Notes, cursor chats, and audio messages, and Simple Vote for your favorite suggestions.

Become a workshop-aholic

Start by identifying core components of your brand identity. Then, branch out and work through the rest of your business needs with tools and tips from our community.


For starters, every successful branding workshop needs the right attendees. Ensure that all relevant partners and stakeholders are present—either virtually or in person.

Once you have your cast of characters, begin your workshop with broad questions, then work your way down to specifics. For example, there’s no sense in coming up with a logo if you haven’t identified your overall identity or purpose. Start big, then go granular. Your early decisions will help shape the later ones.

Whether you’re selling shoes or Software as a Service, your overall brand development process will likely look the same. Here are the seven basic steps for building a better brand:

1. Think about long-term, big-picture goals and features

2. Pinpoint your brand identity

3. Determine your audience and what you can offer them

4. Dive into your brand virtues, values, and philosophy

5. Workshop your image (logos, colors, fonts, etc.)

6. Start building brand recognition

7. Keep taking small steps toward those big picture goals

As you go through your branding workshop exercises, you can cover all of these steps and more.

A branding exercise template is only part of the development process. As you define and refine your organization, keep these five essential parts in mind:

Brand values – Your values guide every decision you make.

Brand identity – Your identity is what the public sees; how you present yourself to the world. It’s how people perceive your company, even before they really get to know you.

Brand voice – Your voice is the way you speak to your customers. Is it formal or casual? Witty or serious?

Brand targeting – Your targeting refers to the audience you aim to reach. Think not only about who and where they are but how you can provide a different or better service than what’s already available to them.

Brand story – Your story is an opportunity to let customers get to know you better. In other words, it’s a way to build trust.

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