Start insightful conversations with our 2 truths and a lie example

Sift through facts and fibs to better understand your teammates, then start building out your to-do lists and trackers now that you’ve broken the ice.

three blue squares in a row with question marks on themthree blue squares in a row with question marks on them

2 truths and a lie

Play one-on-one or in a gigantic group—anyone can try to spot the false statement with this collaborative online template.

The truths will set you free

Open up, dive deeper into your relationships, and engage meaningfully with all audiences.

Get to know your peers: Learn more about the people around you with this classic ice breaker.

Review topics: Add some zest to your lesson or meeting reviews by using the two truths and a lie template as a multiple choice quiz.

Go public: Invite your followers to investigate the truth by using this template to engage on social media.

three blue boxes with question marks and voting counters on the rightthree blue boxes with question marks and voting counters on the right
two green check marks and one red X mark with emojis and FigJam stickerstwo green check marks and one red X mark with emojis and FigJam stickers

Two truths, one lie, countless possibilities

FigJam turns an age-old icebreaker game into an interactive new experience. Use polls and votes to pick an answer, elevate your fibs with pics and drawings, and react to others’ facts through emotes and stamps—then pivot right into productive mode without leaving the page.

Let the truths come to light

See your team members—and yourself—in a new light through 2 truths and a lie. Shine even brighter with more templates from our Community.


2 truths and a lie is an all-time favorite ice breaker game. Players present three “facts” about themselves—two are true, one is not—then see if group members can spot the fake fact.

On the surface, this ice breaker is a quick “get to know me” game. However, it can spark conversations that are anything but surface-level.

All you’ll need to play two truths and a lie is a group of people and an open mind. Start by asking each team member to come up with three statements about themselves—they can range from totally outrageous to perfectly mundane.

Once everyone has their facts and falsehoods, you’ll take turns reading out your statements. The rest of your crew tries to guess which phrase is a fabrication via group vote.

To dive headfirst into a team ice breaker, check out the two truths and a lie online template from FigJam. You’ll have a visually pleasing, easy-to-use game going in a flash—all you have to worry about is your poker face.

Coming up with your lies and funny two truths on the spot can set your heart racing. So, what are some good two truths and a lie options?

The trick is to choose three “I statements” that all seem equally believable—either equally far-fetched if you’ve lived an out-there life or equally everyday if you’re trying to keep it simple. (Saying you have two brothers, love chocolate cake, and have been to Mars may set off some alarm bells.)

Of course, each common statement will depend on what’s true in your life. To help you prepare for a 2 truths and a lie game, consider these example facts:

I speak three languages

I graduated top of my class

I’ve traveled to over 30 countries

I’m colorblind

I’m allergic to the cold

I am an only child

These types of personal facts allow you to express some of your favorite aspects of your history—just don’t forget to come up with a good lie!

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