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Figma partners with innovative companies and agencies to make the product development process more collaborative and efficient.

Our partners

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Extend what's possible with Figma

Build on Figma’s open platform to help teams streamline workflows and get more out of their favorite tools.

Power up workflows with plugins and widgets

With plugins and widgets, teams can bring data and context from your app directly into Figma, enabling them to connect workflows and streamline collaboration.

Connect Figma to your team's favorite tools

Figma’s open platform makes it easy to connect Figma to your products, so teams can reference design files and FigJam boards without having to switch tools.

Building made easy

Approachable APIs with robust documentation make building on top of Figma's open platform fast and intuitive.

Share the magic of Figma

Agencies partner with us to share their expertise, so teams and individuals alike can get the most out of Figma.

Expert services from leading agencies

Migrating a design system can be hard, and teams don’t always know where to start. From crafting a design system to re-thinking processes, Figma partners with world-class agencies to help teams get up and running fast.

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