Rebecca Ackermann |
How a Figma slide deck helped indie duo Tanlines launch a comeback
Musician Jesse Cohen explains how he harnessed the corporate lingua franca (and the Google Meet integration for Figma) to launch his band’s latest album.
Figma, Andrew Hogan |
Four years in, here’s what Config tells us about the state of design
We received over 1,000 proposals to speak at our annual user conference this year. Researcher Andrew Hogan helps us dig into the data to see what inspires and excites the community—and what continues to challenge us.
Figma |
Announcing FigJam screen reader support
How to build FigJam files that support screen readers and an update on our continued commitment to accessibility.
Figma |
The future of design systems is accessible
In the third part of our series, we talk to design system and accessibility experts about making inclusive systems a top priority.
Alice Ching |
How Figma draws inspiration from the gaming world
Some of Figma's most interesting technical challenges mirror those in the gaming world, from our infrastructure to the user experience.
Suzanne LaBarre |
How to build ground-breaking products: A manager's guide
The best teams understand what they’re producing, why they’re doing it, and how they can get it done—here's how manager's can help make it happen.
Tim Liang |
The growing pains of database architecture
How the Figma infrastructure team reduced potential instability by scaling to multiple databases.
Figma |
Little Big Outtakes
The quick pivots and aha moments we made on the way to launching 30+ Little Big Updates.
Sara Culver |
How the Figma design team level set on career leveling
Design Manager Sara Culver takes us through evolving the team's product design and writing career levels.
Suzanne LaBarre |
Leading a dream team: A manager’s guide to unlocking your team’s potential
A three-part series focused on the unique challenges (and opportunities!) people managers face today, along with tips and tricks on how to solve them.
Rebecca Ackermann |
Raising the (table) stakes on tables in FigJam
Using tables in FigJam to help you roadmap, plan, and run meetings more effectively.
Rogie King |
Creators need creators
New selling tools and the Figma Creator Fund will help fuel the love of craft that fuels Figma Community.
Carly Ayres |
Meet the maker: Marcin Wichary
We talk with people about what makes them a maker. Here, a design manager tells us about his latest project, a book covering 150 years of keyboard design.
Figma |
The future of design systems is automated
Plugins, widgets, and tooling — the second edition of our series on the future of design systems.
Dorothy Chen |
Behind the scenes: international keyboard shortcuts
“We were tasked with making Figma shortcuts friendlier to international keyboards, a charter that would take us on a twisty journey through the next year.”
Suzanne LaBarre |
Can design make work, work?
A three-part series focused on the unique challenges (and opportunities!) people managers face today, along with tips and tricks on how to solve them.
Ravi Lingineni |
How Pinterest’s design systems team measures adoption
The Gestalt team tells us how they used Figma’s REST API to create FigStats, a dashboard for visualizing component usage.
Figma |
The future of design systems is complicated
We talked to several industry experts about how they’re managing the future of design systems—from tooling to automation to accessibility.
Carly Ayres |
How Linear made the most of a DDoS
A conversation with the small, but mighty web team about why they made their Figma Design files their homepage and unintentionally threw the Figma party of the year.
Figma |
Figma Persona 2022: What’s your creative collaboration style?
Wrap up 2022 with some self-reflection and set creative intentions for the year ahead with Figma’s Persona Quiz.
Alia Fite |
How Magician uses Figma’s text review API
A conversation with Jordan Singer about using the API for AI-powered copywriting, and tips for navigating the intersection of product design and AI.