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Find a virtual event that speaks to you

Join Figma’s designer advocates and customers like you as they share best practices and give an inside look into how they work. Whether you want to practice new skills, ask questions, or simply watch someone work in Figma, we have a livestream for you.

Build it in Figma

Jump in as we design an app in Figma, live, from start to finish. You’ll learn the basics and hone technical skills along the way.

Design a Responsive Website: Navigation

Part 1/3. See how Rogie uses constraints and components to build a navigation that scales from mobile to desktop.
No upcoming times.

Design a Responsive Website: Content and Layout Grids

Part 2/3. Learn how to use auto layout to design flexible grids, hero and card components that adapt to any browser size.

Design a Responsive Website: Resizable Forms

Part 3/3. Learn how to create constraint-based field components with auto layout to build forms that scale to various browser sizes.

In the file

Peek inside other teams’ files as they open up about their design processes and share best practices with the community.

A Look Into Building Selection Colors and Hyperlinks

Marcin Wichary, Design Manager at Figma, will give an inside look into how we built selection colors and hyperlinks. See early mockups, hear about the considerations and decisions (and mistakes) made along the way, and get a chance to ask questions.
No upcoming times.

How to Run Remote User Testing at Scale

You can A/B test in development, but what if you can get user feedback earlier and faster on your designs? Join Brex and Braze as they share how they run user testing and turn research into actionable insights.

What’s Next After Product-Market Fit?

You have a product that is loved, and your customers are bombarding you with feature requests. How should you prioritize? Drawing from his experiences at Uber, YouTube, and Figma, Yuhki shares some helpful ideas for how you might approach this phase.

Office hours

Join our team as we go deep on a different technical topic every week. Come with questions for a live Q&A.

Mastering Vectors

A deep dive on scalable vector creation: learn about Figma’s unique and powerful editor capabilities using vector networks, boolean operations, texturing techniques, smart shapes, and corner smoothing.
No upcoming times.

30 time-saving tricks from Figma experts

Anthony and Rogie, Designer Advocates at Figma, share their favorite lesser known Figma tips, including keyboard shortcuts, to help you save time.

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