Organizing your design system

Organizing your design system

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Design at scale is hard and can become overwhelming. In this Figma Config session, Steve Dennis from Onfido looks to ease the complexity of design systems by walking through his own. Learn how to:

  • Explain the value of Figma to internal teams
  • Pilot and structure design system files in Figma
  • Manage files, libraries and, components
  • Structure your team
  • Hand off to your developers
  • Design system analytics
The Total Economic Impact of Figma

This Forrester report shows how teams are using Figma to speed up their workflows, consolidate their design stack, and build better products.

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See how Figma can help you scale design

Great design has the potential to differentiate your product and brand. But nothing great is made alone. Figma brings product teams together in a fast and more inclusive design workflow.

Get in touch to learn more about how Figma can help companies scale design.

We’ll cover how Figma can help:

  • Bring every step of the design process—from ideation, to creation, to building designs—into one place
  • Accelerate design workflows with shared company-wide design systems
  • Foster inclusivity in the product team process with products that are web-based, accessible, and easy to use

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