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With the Education plan you can use the tools that will make you career ready, for free. You’re also part of a community who will help you get from where you are to what come’s next.

How students use Figma

Whether you’re an aspiring designer or collaborating on group project, you can do it in Figma. Here are the top ways students like you use Figma.

Collaborate on group projects

Sometimes you just need to Jam. With FigJam you can brainstorm, plan, and even doodle with your teammates.

Build out your portfolio

Use Figma to show not just the end result but also your design process and get a leg up with hiring managers.

All your stuff organized in one place

Collect all your whiteboards and designs into projects. Create and manage libraries of reusable components.

Have fun, together

Collaborate on whimsical illustrations, host meetings for your student clubs, even design your own escape room in Figma.

Kickstart your work with premade templates  

Presentation template in Figma

This is a template you can use to help get started making your own presentations in Figma. You can present your slides as a prototype or paste them over to FigJam.

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