Figma is free for students and educators

Figma’s tools are easy to learn and beloved by professionals. High schools, universities and bootcamps get free access to both Figma Design and FigJam whiteboards.

Get Figma’s Education Plan in three steps

Get verified to use our Education plan and access all the perks of our paid Pro teams for free.

1. Sign up for Figma

Create your Figma account using your email address. An email domain from your institution is preferred but not required.

Sign up here

2. Get verified for education

Verify your education status at

3. Set up your team

Create a team with an Education plan to get all of the perks of our Professional plan for free.

Bring Figma to your Chromebooks

US high school students and educators using Chromebooks can recieve Figma’s Organization Plan—for free.

How others are using Figma in their classrooms

Innovative educators are facilitating better learning outcomes for students by using Figma and FigJam to teach design, collaborate in teams, and build community in the classroom.

Education plan FAQs