What’s new in Figma: July 2022

Chandler Sopko
Marketing at Figma

Magic happens when people come together, which is why we're committed to building new ways to unite teams and inspire them to do their best work—whether it's making it easier to browse and discover resources from our community, to conducting and sharing research on the dynamics of collaborative work. Read on to learn more about what launched this month.

What makes collaboration click?

It turns out that working together effectively requires more than just talking to each other in meetings; we did the research. We spoke to over 100 teams of designers, PMs, engineers, researchers, and writers to understand the attributes and behaviors that make collaboration successful, and bundled the findings into a report we’re calling What Makes Collaboration Click? The research identified five key behaviors that actually predict better product outcomes: co-creation, rapport, role clarity, feedback, and reflection.

You can read all about them in the full report and attend our upcoming livestream where we’ll be diving into the findings with Figma’s Director of Product Research, Cristen Torrey and Insights & Analysis Lead, Andrew Hogan.

Five different behaviors, each inside of a word bubble and connected to each other. There are three on the top and two on the bottom.

Figma in Japan

This week we launched a fully localized product interface, website, and in-region support for our Japanese users. We’ve also hired local leadership and opened an office in Japan, an investment that was key to meeting the needs of in-region users and supporting the Figma Community. With 80% of our users based outside the U.S., we’re excited to connect even further with the global design community.

Improving the Figma Community experience

The Figma Community is a home for users to share, learn, and discover new ways to extend their Figma workflows. But since there are thousands of resources, it can be a task to find exactly what you’re looking for. That’s why we’ve updated the Figma Community with a new browsing experience, making it easier for you to sort through different types of assets across widgets, files and templates, and plugins.

An image of the Figma Community showing search results for "Framer"

We’ve refreshed the landing page to make it easier to discover and differentiate between categories like product (Figma or FigJam), use cases (like design systems), and resources (widgets or plugins). We’ve also made significant search improvements, including expanded filter and sort options. With so many files, plugins, and widgets added to the Figma Community daily, being able to sort search results by what’s trending, most popular, or most recent will help you keep up with the latest and greatest. And for all our creators, your contributions will be more discoverable!

Explore the Figma Community.

Find resources faster with workspaces

Workspaces, available on the Enterprise plan, are collections of teams, people, and resources in Figma. To date workspaces have enabled admins to more easily manage Figma licenses across their organization. Now we've also made it possible for anyone in the organization to view and browse content by workspaces, so they can more easily find and focus on the work most relevant to them.

An image showing two views of the Figma Community, one has a dropdown menu showing someone filtering by workspace, and the other has a list of all six workspaces in an organization.

Learn more about workspaces.

New and noteworthy from the community

Try out some new plugins, widgets, files, and partner integrations:

  • Sprig: Embed Figma prototypes to capture detailed user feedback
  • Lingo: Organize, manage, and share your brand assets in an easy-to-use digital asset manager by importing assets from Figma
  • Giphy Stickers by Lichin: Insert fun Giphys into your Figma and FigJam files to express your feelings with a quick search and paste

For even more detailed announcements, be sure to check out the release notes and follow along on Twitter.