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We welcome new staff to Figma with one of our favorite traditions — “Three Things.” At our bi monthly company meeting, every recent hire presents the three most important people, places and moments that shaped their identity. We gather in the cozy couch corner, crack open popcorn bags and get to know the fresh faces.

Our staff is a diverse group who bring an eclectic set of experiences from Atlassian, Dropbox, Facebook, Flipboard, Macromedia/Adobe and Medium. When we’re not building Figma, members of the team can be found organizing group boba tea orders or meditating in the spare room of our airy SOMA office.



We've grown from fitting around one to several kitchen tables, and our free daily company lunches are a bonding ritual (lots of roasted veggie and avocado action). The staff comes together to talk about the pros and cons of Scandinavian socialism, our mutual terror of audience participation theater and the best weekend warrior trips close to SF.


In no particular order, our team includes: Two motorcycle enthusiasts (with the racing suit to match), a few parents (one with a set of newborn twins at home), a baker who lavishes us with banana bread, one person who makes his own pants (seriously), a couple avid pianists and an ample supply of Harry Potter fans.

Matt - Engineering
Matt - Engineering




We value a good work-life balance — you won’t find staff in the office at midnight, coding furiously and chugging Red Bull. During the normal workday we focus on building our software with care and craftsmanship. For insight into some of our engineering challenges, check out these blog posts.


Open Positions

Open Positions