Emily Zhong |
Behind the feature: comments, contextually
Engineer Emily Zhong shares insight into how we introduced commenting on files in the Figma Community: interactions, edge cases, and a new paradigm for sharing and connecting.
Rudi Chen, Slava Kim |
GraphQL, meet LiveGraph: a real-time data system at scale
Software Engineers Rudi Chen and Slava Kim shares an inside look at how we empower engineers to build real-time data views, while abstracting the complexity of pushing data back and forth.
Hongyi Hu |
Inside Figma: getting out of the (secure) shell
Security Engineer Hongyi Hu explains how the Figma security team built a simple solution for zero-trust shell access on AWS.
Max Burkhardt |
Inside Figma: securing internal web apps
The Figma security team built out a system to securely provide access to internal applications. Security Engineer Max Burkhardt shares how we built the system, what we learned, and how this fits into our broader approach to security at Figma.
Rudi Chen |
Inside Figma: a case study on strict null checks
A look at how we identify and address bugs in a systematic way, through the lens of a recent sprint.
Willy Wu |
Behind the feature: the making of the new Auto Layout
Today, we’re releasing the latest version of Auto Layout. In this deep-dive, we share a look into the evolution of Auto Layout, how we made tradeoffs between flexibility and usability, and what it took to bring our stretch goals to life.
Rudi Chen |
Behind the feature: the hidden challenges of autosave
We recently expanded our autosave system so you can work in Figma without worrying about losing changes. Rudi dives into the technical challenges and product decisions involved in bringing it to life.
Josh Shi |
Inside Figma: my time as a new grad
Josh, an engineer on the design system team, shares advice for new grads, based on his road to Figma.
Aashima Garg |
Inside Figma: enterprise, explained
The enterprise product team at Figma recently shipped updates to help Admins more efficiently manage their Figma Organization. Aashima shares more about this project and how we approach building for organizations of all sizes.
Kiko Lam |
React at 60fps: improving scrolling comments in Figma
We recently improved FPS performance three-fold for scrolling comments in the Figma canvas. Kiko shares the technical details: how she investigated slow performance, prevented unnecessary re-rendering, and optimized component transformation.
Jenning Chen |
Inside Figma: reflections on a remote internship
In this article, Jenning gives us a look into her time at Figma. She shares her expectations, what it’s like to intern remotely, and how she managed updates to Figma’s style picker, inception to launch.
Samir Goel |
Under the hood of Figma’s infrastructure: Here’s what goes into powering a web-based design tool
Scaling infrastructure at a fast-growth startup
Evan Wallace |
How Figma’s multiplayer technology works
A peek into the homegrown solution we built as the first design tool with live collaborative editing.
Evan Wallace |
An update on plugin security
Learn about Figma's response to the security vulnerabilities that were reported in a 3rd-party library that we use for plugin security
Rudi Chen |
How to build a plugin system on the web and also sleep well at night
The solution we found helps us run Figma plugins in a safe way — i.e. not eval(UNTRUSTED_CODE).
Thomas Wright |
Figma's engineering values
We’re sharing these values as a resource for those who might be interested in joining us someday and an example for folks putting together their own team values.
Jamie Wong |
Figma, faster 🏎
Imagine the frustration of trying to pound in a nail when the hammer trails behind your hand by half a second.
Evan Wallace |
Rust in Production at Figma
How Mozilla’s new language dramatically improved our server-side performance
Karl Jiang |
Introducing: Figma to React
Using Figma's API we built a Figma to React converter. Check it out!
Daniel Furse |
Desperately seeking squircles
In a famous 1972 interview, Charles Eames answered a short sequence of fundamental questions about the nature of design.
Larry Weinberg |
Introducing: Figma Pages
The design process starts with messy brainstorms and infinite possibility, and somehow ends with finished products (when all goes well).